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Creating Synergy Between Us

Be strategic by creating a business synergy with key business in 2012.  Simply join The Business Synergy Network Group© and we will do the rest.



The Business Synergy Networking Group© Make your connections count

Boost Your Business with The Strategic Business Network

Here at VFMStrategem we believe in doing things differently.  Even our networking is designed to Add Value and create capability.

If you would like to be a “bigger fish” in the pond then please register with us and we will do the rest.  You can drop us an email initially and we will send you a link to theform

When you email us please specify whether you are interested in the networking generally, or whether you are looking for some solid synergy.

Please note that there is a GEM Showcasing on 28th January 2012  and this is an excellent opportunity to network.  We have set aside 30 minutes specifically to allow you to work the room.  The session kicks off at 4.30 and lasts until 6pm.  There will be speakers and lots of opportunity to mingle.  See you there.

We look forward to creating “synergy” with you, and for you

Kindest Regards

The Business Synergy Manager

Book Your Place.  You will be glad you did!  SYNERGY NETWORKING

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