About WebGEM

Our core skills lie in Accountancy specialising in Financial Management, CRM and ERP

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About the Business

A Little Business Efficiency GEM from the Baby GEM packageWe are a small business working in partnership to make big things possible.  Our core skills lie in Accountancy specialising in Financial Management for large business transformation.  This is an innovative and vibrant provider headed up by the Business Synergy Manager©  All Rights Reserved @2010-2013



Glasgow Based and Operating UK Wide

Based in Glasgow Scotland we operate UK wide both within the public sector, the private sector and with 3rd sector organisations.  Traditionally  our experience lies with large global business.


Our accreditation’s are for previous large business improvement and financial turnaroundworks and we are now also working with smaller business in the north transferring knowledge to help boost the local economy by creating sustainability.


 Working With SME and Community

More recently we have been working with SME and new start business here in Scotland.   This has been more on a community and charitable basis with some success and we have helped create a number of jobs for our young here in Glasgow.


The Partners  – Working in Partnership To create a Synergy

We work with large business on a UK wide basis and more recently we also now work with the SME here in the north.  Our partners are extensive bridging between the public and the private sector to create synergy and to allow the small to medium size business enterprises  (SME)  to be the best that they can be through our approach.


Please see our Accreditations Page to find out more about our top UK rankings




Customer Focus

WebGem has a customer focused strategy and will support your business and your staff for the full life cycle of your improvement program and individual service improvement requirements.


Our Strategy

Our STRATEGY is customer driven and we AIM to help clients to operate economic, efficient and effective services within a good governance framework and with efficient and effective systems and processes.  We want to deliver our services to our customers’ full satisfaction and we want to be valued by our clients as the top VFM end-2-end premium business improvement consultancy

Our Mission

Through innovation and with a financial management focus we aim to Add Value, Increased Capability and to create a Competitive Advantage to our large client business  and for SME by helping them to be the best that they can be using technology and by getting them online.  We are with you every step of the business improvement and transformation journey.


Quality Management & Continuous Improvement

We adopt a proactive approach to Quality Management systems and processes.  We operate and promote a culture of continuous improvement. We seek accreditation on a voluntary basis and we monitor our progress.



We are a responsible employer and we comply with good practice and legal requirements.  We are also CHAS compliant.





If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service please put email us at complaints@strategemconsultancy.com and we will deal with your concerns promptly.

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